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Kiss lingo

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This is the boarding gate to your most exciting language learning journey ever. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight!



Version 1.0.1 (13.8.2018)

Simple! Enjoyable! Completely free of charge! Efficient! Continuable! By using “fragmentation”, which breaks up the sentence into fragments, and by translating each fragment, you can easily create a sentence! No need to memorize characters! No need to bother much about the pronunciation! Plans to support more than 20 over languages! Even with only 10 seconds, you can study anytime, anywhere! Compete with your rivals using the ranking system! You can change your achieved level into points later on! There is no need to force yourself to memorize words! Usage of only basic words that will absolutely useful! An all new revolutionary language learning app that will allow a total beginner to reach the intermediate level within a short amount of time!


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